Nichia | HCL | Feb 01, 2024

Nichia Launches a New Chip-scale LED that Creates a Lighting Environment Filled with Soft Light

Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has commercialized a chip-scale LED (Part No. NFSWL11A-D6) that achieves a horizontal light distribution.

Conventional LEDs are well known as directionally efficient light sources and are therefore often used in a variety of lighting fixtures by controlling the light with secondary optics. However, due to their strong frontal light, there is a tendency for the emitting surface of the lighting fixture to be grainy. Therefore, lighting fixtures using conventional LEDs are designed to be thicker to avoid uneven lighting patterns.

The NFSWL11A-D6 is a white LED that realizes a horizontal light distribution by combining Nichia’s expertise and technology in phosphors and LEDs cultivated over many years. Nichia believes that the NFSWL11A-D6 will contribute to thinner and lighter lighting fixtures and reduce the use of resources for lighting fixture designs as well as the building materials in which they are installed. In addition, the strong horizontal light creates a soft, low-glare light that envelops the entire environment.

These unique features will bring new possibilities to the design of lighting fixtures. New value can be added to solid state lighting by saving resources and improving building safety by reducing the weight of lighting fixtures and ceilings. Nichia expects that the NFSWL11A-D6 will contribute to the realization of completely new lighting fixture designs and lighting environments which have not been seen before.

Nichia continues to develop products that are useful to society. To learn more about the product: View Nichia's product page.

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