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WHITE PAPER: Achieving High CRI Lighting with High Efficacy

This White Paper introduces KSF phosphor and discusses its characteristics, advantages, and application in white LEDs.

Topics covered include a performance comparison of KSF phosphor LEDs versus traditional nitride-based white LEDs, and how KSF phosphor LEDs provide industry-leading CRI and TM30 performance.

Luminus has recently announced the availability of the LUX Series COB LEDs using innovative new narrow band red phosphor (KSF) technology. These new COBs have been developed to achieve high color quality with improved energy efficiency.

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • LUX Product Features
  • KSF Phosphors (Introduction, Advantages, Performance, Reliability)
  • KSF Testing (Soak Time, Spectrometer Resolution)
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix (References, Full TM-30 Reports, White LED Recipes)

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Achieving High CRI Lighting with High Efficacy

Authors: Tom Jory, David Davito, Paul Sims, Uwe Thomas
Created: December 2023
Sponsored by: LUMINUS Devices, Inc.
Pages: 29, Copyrights 2023


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