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Ensuring Optimal Performance for Horticulture Lighting

ams OSRAM is one of the largest suppliers of horticulture LED lighting, which aids in optimal plant growth and maximum energy efficiency in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our innovative sensor and illumination technology provide growers with the most advanced illumination uniformity, spectral optimisations, and long-lasting performance at a minimal cost.

A recent addition to our OSLON® Optimal family is a 640nm Red LED, which facilitates faster and healthier growth of indoor crops. Used in tandem with the 660nm Hyper Red and Horticultural White LED, this innovation has been found to increase dried biomass levels in indoor growing environments.

OSLON® Optimal Red
The OSLON Optimal Red is a game-changer in horticulture technology, featuring a peak wavelength of 640nm, a dominant wavelength of 630nm, and producing 3.53µmol/J with a wall-plug efficacy of 66.3%. With a radiant flux of 485mW and a photon flux of 2.58µmol/s, this LED solution delivers superior plant growth and energy efficiency in all types of horticultural lighting applications, including greenhouse toplighting, interlighting, and vertical farming.

OSLON® Square Hyper Red
ams OSRAM’s fifth generation OSLON® Square Hyper Red horticulture LED sets the standard for enabling faster plant growth and optimised systems cost.

Based on customer input, this new LED surpasses its predecessor, producing high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) at higher efficiency. The LED is ceramic based, ensuring reliability for horticultural lighting applications such as greenhouse toplighting and interlighting, side lighting, vertical farming and sole-source lighting.

With the new Hyper Red LED, indoor growers can reduce energy consumption when illuminating a variety of crops, from vegetables and flowers to medicinal plants. The OSLON® Square family of LEDs also boasts a high tolerance against harsh conditions such as humidity.

In terms of longevity, the LED achieves an exceptionally long Q90 lifetime of 102,000 hours and can withstand ESD strikes of up to 8kV according to the ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 standard. 

ams OSRAM is a leader in providing LED technology to the Horticulture industry with products that span the Hyper Red 660 nm, Deep Blue 450 nm, Far Red 730 nm, Red 640 nm and Horti White areas of the spectrum - offering complete solution possibilities for all indoor grower applications. Multiple sensor technologies also enable growers to monitor and control the environment, enabling a complete solution.

At ams OSRAM, we are proud to collaborate closely with our horticultural partners and customers to deliver innovative LED and sensor offerings that are customised to meet their unique requirements. Our state-of-the-art sensors offer precise environmental data to enhance safety and convenience in all operations. Ams OSRAM’s LED lighting products and sensors enable customers to enjoy energy-efficient plant growth with minimal maintenance costs - reduced water, fertiliser, and electricity consumption. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and unwavering customer support, ams OSRAM paves the way for a productive and healthy environment for all.

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